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Hardwood Floor Water Damage: The Top 5 Warning Signs

1/30/2023 (Permalink)

Hardwood water damage in a Jefferson home. SERVPRO professionals will do everything they can to save your hardwood floors after water damage!

Hardwood floor water damage can be hard to detect and can cause extensive damage if left untreated.

Water damage can wreak havoc on hardwood floors, leading to costly repairs and even complete replacement. Therefore, it's essential to be aware of the warning signs indicating that a hardwood floor has been damaged by water or moisture.

The professionals at SERVPRO of Jackson and Madison Counties are your go-to resource for hardwood floor repair if water damage occurs. We have put together the following blog post to educate you and describe the five telltale warning signs to look out for when it comes to hardwood floor water damage.

What is hardwood floor water damage?

Hardwood floor water damage occurs when water or moisture seeps into hardwood floors and affects the integrity of your floor. The wood can warp and swell when hardwood floors are exposed to excessive moisture for an extended period. 

Various sources, such as floods, heavy rainstorms, high humidity levels, plumbing leaks, and overwatered plants, can cause water damage. Looking for any signs of hardwood floor water damage is a good way of determining whether or not you have a more significant water damage problem on your property.

Five indications of hardwood floor water damage

Now that you know a bit more about hardwood floor water damage, let's take a look at the five warning signs that indicate your hardwood floor requires repairs:

  1. Discoloration or staining on the wood: Hardwood floors coming into contact with excessive moisture can cause discoloration or staining. Discoloration can range from dark spots to even a complete change in the original color of the hardwood.
  2. Warping, cupping, or buckling: These are some of the more obvious signs that hardwood floor water damage has occurred. Water damage can cause hardwood floors to warp, cup, or buckle due to moisture swelling and expanding the wood. 
  3. Softening of the hardwood: Another sign of hardwood floor water damage is that the hardwood can become soft when touched. Softening of the hardwood is due to the moisture causing the wood to swell and become weaker than it should be.
  4. Swelling or separation between boards: Excessive moisture can also cause hardwood floors to swell and lead to separation between boards. Swelling or separation is another sign that hardwood floor water damage has taken place.
  5. Musty odors: Finally, hardwood floors with water damage can emit a musty smell that indicates the presence of moisture or mold growth in the cracks or beneath the hardwood floor.

These are the top five warning signs to watch out for when it comes to hardwood floor water damage. If you notice any of these signs, you must call a water restoration company to get the hardwood floor repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage. They can also determine if your property is at risk from further water intrusion. 

Tips for preventing future hardwood floor water damage

Before hardwood floor water damage has the chance to occur, there are a few things you can do to make sure your hardwood floors stay in good shape:

  • Make sure to keep hardwood floors clean and dry at all times. Vacuum regularly, mop up spills as soon as they happen, use a dehumidifier if necessary, and clean hardwood floors with the appropriate hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Check hardwood floors regularly for signs of water damage, such as discoloration or staining on the wood, warping, cupping, or buckling, softening of the wood, swelling or separation between boards, and musty odors.
  • When you notice hardwood floor water damage, contact a professional water restoration company to help you with the repairs and get your hardwood floors back in good condition.

Following these tips can help prevent hardwood floor water damage from occurring in the first place. Still, if hardwood floor water damage has already happened, the professionals at SERVPRO of Jackson and Madison Counties are here to help. We specialize in hardwood floor water damage repair and replacement, so don't hesitate to reach out if you require hardwood floor water damage services.

Wrapping up

Today we discussed hardwood floor water damage, the warning signs to look out for, and how to prevent hardwood floor water damage in the future. If hardwood floor water damage has already occurred to your property, don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Jackson and Madison Counties for help.

SERVPRO of Jackson and Madison Counties is a professional water damage repair company that can help you get your hardwood floors back in good condition. When you contact us for water restoration repairs, we will:

  • Inspect the hardwood floors and assess the damage
  • Apply specialized hardwood floor drying solutions
  • Repair or replace hardwood floors as needed
  • Sanitize hardwood floors to prevent mold growth

With our help, you can trust that we will restore your hardwood floors to their original condition. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information and help with hardwood floor water damage.

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