Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage Demolition

Fire damage can be devastating to a property. Not only does it destroy the structure of the building, but it also leaves behind soot and debris that can be diff... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Damage

Looking at the before and after images of the electrical fire damage from a water heater, it's fantastic to see the work done by the professionals at SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Pack Out Services

When a property is damaged by fire or water, the contents of the home or business can often be saved by SERVPRO with contents cleaning that starts by packing ou... READ MORE

Concrete Floor Soot Removal

SERVPRO of Jackson and Madison Counties was recently called to a property to perform concrete floor soot removal using a power washer. The before and after imag... READ MORE

Candle Fire Damage

A fire can be incredibly destructive, causing extensive damage to property and possessions. Candle fires are especially dangerous as they can spread quickly and... READ MORE

Garage Fire Damage Job

Garage fires are unique because they can cause damage beyond just the garage itself. The intense heat from the fire can cause the warping and melting of plastic... READ MORE